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Imagine the Possibilities – September 2019

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The Possibilities...

September 20, 2019

In this issue of Imagine the Possibilities, we introduce another new sewing pattern by Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics: the SBP102B – best suited for lightweight jersey knit tops!

We also share with you pattern ideas for making coats and long jackets from a number of gorgeous wool coating fabrics, and ideas for mixing double-knit Ponte fabrics to trim and accent lighter weight jersey knit or woven fabrics to create unique looks.


New Pattern By Sawyer Brook: SBP102B

Inspired by the colorful viscose jersey knit fabrics, this top with sleeves is very easy, very simple, loose-fitting, and very flattering to any shape. It may be cut on the fabric bias or its vertical grain. It falls on the sides at the hip line with two contour options:

  1. An off-center V-shaped contour that drops to about 6″ to 8″ below the hip line, and
  2. A centered U-Shaped contour that drops to about 4″ to 6″ below the hip line.

Roses – Aubergine Top Using the V-Shaped version of SBP102B

The pattern was placed on the fabric bias to enable the resulting effect of the roses placement for the front and the back of this top. The sleeves were placed along the cross grain. Use any of the three colors of the Roses jersey knit fabrics or the Watercolors jersey knit fabric.

Cecelia – Red Top Using the U-Shaped version of SBP102B

The pattern was placed along the vertical grain of the fabric. Use any of the three colors of the Cecelia jersey knit fabrics or the Taliah jersey knit fabric to make this top!

 Sawyer Brook Pattern SBP102B

Fabric Options For The SBP102B Pattern

Ready For The Cold Season?

 We identified at least three patterns by vogue that will work well with these absolutely gorgeous wool coating fabrics!

Vogue V9341

Vogue V1528

Vogue V9136

Ponte Knit Fabrics

Double-knit Ponte fabrics work wonderfully for many applications. One idea is to use them in place of rib-knit to finish and accent any jersey knit top or dress!

Simplicity S8951
Pair any of textured solids, striped, or prints jersey knit fabrics with Ponte double-knit fabric or ribbed-knit fabrics, or mix any two contrasting colors of Ponte double-knit fabrics to create this beautiful top using Simplicity S8951 pattern!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated. Let us know what fabrics you would like us to carry and how we can make your Sawyer Brook shopping experience more enjoyable.