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Fabric Care & Codes

Fabric Care & Codes

Caring for your fabric, before and after sewing

We recommend you treat the fabric before cutting in the same manner you plan to care for it once the garment is constructed. For those of you who wash most of your fabrics, we suggest that you wash a measured scrap of the fabric first. If you are satisfied with the results, then pre-wash your full piece of fabric using that method.

The following fabric care codes may be indicated in our product descriptions:

M Machine Wash — Tumble Dry

We suggest Warm/Cold water on a regular or permanent press cycle in your washer. Tumble Dry Low.

C Cool Wash — Low Dry

We suggest Cold/Cold on a gentle cycle in your washer. Tumble Dry Extra Low.
C-Flat indicates tumble to remove moisture and then dry flat. Best policy for many knits.

D Dry Clean Only

We suggest professional dry cleaning.

H/D Hand Wash or Dry Clean

For hand washing we suggest tepid water with mild soap and a thorough rinse. Hang folded over a clothes rack or on a line with a series of pins to support the weight. We recommend you test wash a swatch first to be sure you are satisfied with the results. If not, dry cleaning is appropriate.

H-Flat indicates to dry flat instead of hanging to dry.

H/C Hand Wash or Cool Wash

We suggest this method when the fiber is washable, but the construction of the fabrication is more fragile and will not thrive with strong agitation.  If you are not satisfied with your test wash, dry cleaning is appropriate.

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