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Imagine the Possibilities – May 2019

Love the Fabric...

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The Possibilities...

May 2019

Rib-Bons Ribbed Rayon Knit

In this issue of “Imagine the Possibilities…” I show the pattern and method you can use to create this loose-fitted, flirty top with the Rib-Bons fabric.


The Front & Right Side

The Back & Left Side

Materials Used – Size 8-10 (M)

1 1/8 yds of the Rib-Bons ribbed rayon knit fabric

Note: A larger size or longer top will require more than 1 1/8 yds of fabric. 

The Pattern

A simple loose-fitted top cut on the fabric bias with gentle flares that fall into a “V” shaped contour. The pattern features a diagonal cut in the front and back that starts at the right shoulder tip and ends at the left side hemline. One side of the “V” is parallel to the diagonal cut that separates the Upper and Lower pattern pieces. This top falls at the hip on both sides. The base of the “V” is aligned with the pattern center and falls at the mid thigh hight.

Make this top with sleeves or sleeveless, shorter or longer. The base of the “V” may be raised or lowered (to shorten or lengthen), and therefore shifted off the center and closer to one side, as illustrated on the Lower Front and Lower Back pattern pieces.

Unfortunately, we were unable to identify a commercially available pattern that can be easily modified to create this style. Let us know if you know of an existing pattern that can serve this purpose.

I used my own pattern derived from another simple top pattern. Contact us if you want a copy of this pattern. 

Pattern Pieces

Pattern Layout

In order to achieve this look with the stripes of the Rib-Bons fabric, the pattern pieces were placed over a single layer of the fabric. The Lower Front and Lower Back pieces were aligned along the blue line over the fabric – using the edge of the “V” that is parallel to the diagonal cut separating the Upper and Lower Pattern pieces. The Upper Front and Upper Back pieces were placed at 90 degrees with the grainline and aligned along the green line over the fabric. The sleeves were placed horizontally over the fabric and aligned with the center of the pink stripe. This alignment of the pattern pieces ensures the perfect meeting of the stripes at the side seams and where the sleeves connect to the bodice. 

The neck band may be placed and cut horizontally over the available space. Just pick the colors you want to have at band.

Construction Steps

Sewing this top was very easy. Using a serger, this top may be completed in about one hour! In case a serger is not an option, a stretch stitch (or a narrow zigzag stitch) will do just fine!

Step 1: Using a serger or a stretch stitch, connect the Upper Front to The Lower Front.

Step 2: Using a serger or a stretch stitch, connect the Upper Back to the Lower Back.

Step 3: Using a serger or a stretch stitch, connect the Back and Front at the shoulders.

Step 4: Close the neck band using a narrow zigzag stitch. Using a serger or a stretch stitch, attach the neck band at the neck contour.

Step 5: Using a serger or a stretch stitch, attach the sleeves to the front and back.

Step 6: Using a serger or a stretch stitch, close the sides and sleeves seams. Hem the sleeves and lower edges using a stretch stitch.


The same pattern and method used to make this top with the Rib-Bons fabric may be applied to the Gradual fabric or the Rows Garden fabric, two other rayon jersey knit fabrics with beautiful stripes patterns.

Other Variations With Dual-Border Fabrics

For a dual-border fabric, such as the Cricket jersey knit fabric, we recommend the layout shown below to maximize the use of the borders and to perfectly align the fabric design at the side seams.

The Upper Back and Upper Front pattern pieces are placed aligning the tip of the shoulder over the fabric design as shown with the green C and D arrows. Similarly, the Lower Back and Lower Front pattern pieces are placed aligning the under-arm corner over the fabric design as shown with the red A and B arrows. The sleeves are aligned over the center of the fabric.

The layout below was done for a Large size of the pattern, calling for 1 3/4 yds of the Cricket fabric.

Mary Ann L. applied this pattern and this specific layout to the Cricket fabric. We show in the  photos below the stunning results of her fabulous work!

The Front

The Back

Other Dual-Border Fabrics

The same pattern layout with the Cricket fabric may be applied to the Borders – Brown Jersey Knit Fabric or the Palms Viscose Challis fabric.

If you end up giving any of these ideas a try, be sure to send us a photo of your beautiful creations to receive a $5.00 Sawyer Brook coupon!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated. Let us know what fabrics you would like us to carry and how we can make your Sawyer Brook shopping experience more enjoyable.