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Imagine the Possibilities – May 2018

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May 26th, 2018

Special Occasion Lace Dress!

We recently worked with one of our sewists, who loved the Confidence silk lace fabric, for a dress to wear at her daughter’s wedding in September.  She chose Vogue Pattern V8943!

In this issue of “Imagine the Possibilities…” we  share with you the fabrics and method we advised to use to create this stunning dress.  Enjoy!

Vogue V8943

We slightly modified Vogue pattern V8943 to create this special occasion dress using the Confidence silk lace fabric, the matching Glisten silk organza fabric for the Underlining, and the Ambiance lining in the Concord Grape color for the Slip.

We show below the original line art pieces provided with the Vogue V8943 pattern.

Standard Pattern Line Art

Confidence – Silk Lace

Glisten – Double-Sided Silk Organza

Suggested Modifications

We applied the Confidence silk lace fabric to construct the dress as shown in the Standard Pattern Line Art – Front Lace view above. We did not 100% underline the lace fabric. Rather, we created an underlining of the Glisten silk organza fabric by combining the top part of the slip pattern with the skirt part of the dress pattern. We also modified the lining slip by omitting the shoulder straps.

Please refer to the modified Line Art for the Silk Organza Underlining and the lining Slip below.

Connecting The Pieces…

We recommended The following techniques for joining the three dress pieces:

First: Connect the silk lace fabric to the silk organza underlining at the midriff section and at the back zipper closure.

Next: Attach the slip to the silk organza underlining only at the top edge where the shoulder straps connect to the underlining.

Last: Attach the slip to both the silk lace fabric and the organza underlining at the back zipper closure.

        Silk Organza              – Modified Line Art

              Lining Slip            – Modified Line Art

With this technique only one zipper was required to close the back of all three fabrics: the lace fabric, the organza underlining, and the lining slip!

We realize that this is a rather complicated project. Should you have any questions about the modifications or techniques applied, contact us and we will be happy to provide more detailed explanations!

If you end up giving any of these ideas a try, be sure to send us a photo of your beautiful creations to receive a $5.00 Sawyer Brook coupon!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated. Let us know what fabrics you would like us to carry and how we can make your Sawyer Brook shopping experience more enjoyable.