Leslie L.

“I got my order today and the buttons are so beautiful!  Thank you for such outstanding service.”

– Leslie L.


“Thank you for your advice on these napped fabrics.  You people at Sawyerbrook are always so helpful that one feels as though you are dealing with family at Sawyerbrook.  Thanks again for  your help.  No doubt won’t be for the last time.”

– Marion


“Thank you so much.  I think that will work fine.  I will place the order tomorrow.  I LOVE SB!!”

– Ann


“Thank you for your professional service. I am impressed!”

– Bev


“Great customer service!”

– Anita


“ps, matches are always excellent”

– Carole


“No issues or complaints. I just wanted to let you know that the new look to your website is awesome! I have been working, and I am thankful, way too many hours and just had a chance to ‘catch up.’ So I went to my favorite fabric website and smiled.”

– Barb


“Sawyer Brook is the Neiman’s of fabric stores!”

– Debbie


“Thank you for the speedy and informative response.”

– Brett


“Thank you, thank you!  I think good fairies must work for Sawyer Brook….”

– Sherry


“Just want to say how much I appreciate the updates made to your website.  Navigation is intuitive (frustration-free!), something which does not happen by chance!  The site is just plain well-designed and a pleasure to use.  Please keep up all your good work!”

– Kathleen


“Thank you for all the wonderful fabrics you bring to life for me!”

– Kathleen

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