Cathy F.

GLAD to see this denim. I’m looking forward to working with it,
Cathy F, ordering selvedge denim


You and your staff have always been #1 with customer service.
Patti, in an email


The fabric is beautiful. Thank you.

Anne D.

What a discovery you are! Love your web page. It’s user friendly.
Anne D


I have just received the beautiful lining. Once again many thanks!
Key, via email

Rebecca A.

Thank you for your speedy, pleasant, and efficient customer service. The package was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home from work last night. I appreciate your swatching service and great fabrics and will continue to enjoy buying my fabric from you.
Rebecca A, via email

Jan T.

I don’t know if this is new, or I’ve just noticed it, but love the photo of the fabric draped over the mannequin. Really gives a good idea of the scale of the pattern and the drape of the fabric. Thanks!
Jan T, on an order

Sherry O.

These are gorgeous fabrics! I just bought some of the grape [denim] and decided I need more. I wish I’d bought some of the salmon….maybe another time. The best part of this is your impeccable service and going beyond mere professionalism to being really personal. Thank you!
Sherry O (a side note, we were able to make her really happy, when we found a piece of the salmon denim for her!)

Sherry O.

I love your things! Thank you!
Sherry O (we think she must have us on speed dial…)

Molly O.

I love your fabrics and your great service!
Molly O, in an email

Sherry O.

Please enclose two spools of thread for each. Thank you! Your selections for my last order were superb!!!!! Many, many thanks from the dolls!
Sherry O (on another order)

Nina T.

This will be great for a DVF style wrap dress. Cotton knits are so hard to find. Thank you.
Nina T, on an order

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