Mary L.

“I am just always so thrilled and pleased with ‘Best Match Service’ for buttons, linings, zippers, threads and everything. You really *out did yourself* on the button selection for #70519 Lemongrass Silk Douppioni. The buttons are B850B-GN Harlequin 11/16″ and made me exclaim out loud with delight—so stunning!!

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. As long as I can sew, I will order from Sawyer Brook.

A very satisfied customer,

Mary L.

P.S. I am really enjoying the new Savvy Sewer Salon. Thank you.”

– Mary L.


“I can’t think of too many other companies who do such a good job of what you do. To my mind, you are the ones who set the pace for others to follow.”

– Wendy


“Thank you very much for your help! I’m mailing an order for material and buttons today. Thought you might like to know I have been a customer of Sawyer Brook since the mid 70’s and never once been disappointed with either service or product.”

– Dian


“Just could hardly wait to open the box. Beautiful fabrics—the colors, the feel—just made my mouth water (getting this wonderful reaction from gorgeous fabrics is better than eating)!!”

– Anonymous


“I would like to tell you how pleased I am with my orders. The fabrics are beautiful—their quality is what I was looking for. I could not be more satisfied by your choice of buttons and linings. I am planning to come to your warehouse soon. Thank you very much.”

– Corinne


“I really appreciate the helpful attitude taken by Sawyer Brook staff.  You’ve all done your best to help resolve this issue, which wasn’t your fault in the least.  Kudos!”

– Karen, regarding an order issue

Sarah Veblen

“Their swatch club service is the best I’ve ever seen in offering interesting groupings of fabrics. The quality is always excellent, and the staff couldn’t be more helpful.”

– Sarah Veblen


“I am only replying to thank you for my last order which contained the turquoise double knit which is such beautiful material.  I am so very pleased to have it and wanted to tell you…..”

– Stephanie W, via email


“I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and lovely fabrics that I received recently.”

– Norma

Leslie L.

“I got my order today and the buttons are so beautiful!  Thank you for such outstanding service.”

– Leslie L.


“Thank you for your advice on these napped fabrics.  You people at Sawyerbrook are always so helpful that one feels as though you are dealing with family at Sawyerbrook.  Thanks again for  your help.  No doubt won’t be for the last time.”

– Marion


“Thank you so much.  I think that will work fine.  I will place the order tomorrow.  I LOVE SB!!”

– Ann

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