“[My friend] is primarily a quilter par excellence. She also is learning to make American Girl doll clothes and asked where I buy the lovely fabrics for the things I have sent her, so she knows about Sawyer Brook. She sews very well for herself and her grand children. I think she would just LOVE having this! I certainly do. And you’ve offered me the wonderful gift of extending my subscription every time I buy, which was totally unexpected.

Mostly I make things for myself from your fabrics, and I trust you whole-heartedly with your matching service. One of the things I asked for help with was finding a contrasting lining, preferably a print, for a coat I was making for someone’s doll. You will go down in history for what you chose. It was the loveliest, softest cotton, smooth as silk, with an abstract print that was beyond wonderful for the outer fabric, PLUS lovely little black buttons for the epaulets, tabs, sleeve openings and front, all to be used with teeny tiny buttonholes. That was the all-time best. You know what’s missing from your site? A way to tell you things like that. Maybe it’s there, and I haven’t seen it. Often I’ve wanted to shout your accolades from the rooftops!

Thank you so much for this generous offer!”

Sherry, via email, in response to our Thank You gift to subscribers