Sarah Veblen

“Their swatch club service is the best I’ve ever seen in offering interesting groupings of fabrics. The quality is always excellent, and the staff couldn’t be more helpful.”

– Sarah Veblen


“I’m, thrilled!  My swatches are dog-eared!”

– Marie


“Thank you so much!  You are certainly a great company to do business with.  I have always appreciated your willingness to give the personal matching service and, also, the swatch service.  It is so nice to actually see and, especially, to feel the fabrics before ordering, which is what I usually do.  Now I have another reason to love dealing with you folks:  your generosity and accommodating service.  Thank you.”

– Thelma, via e-mail


“Thank you so much! I am attending a Chairman’s holiday reception here in early December and this will be my dress fabric. Sometimes the selections do not contain many items that work with my coloring, however, this mailer had quite a few things that worked and I had a difficult time deciding– I always seem to find something that works with my wardrobe, however. I hope ya’ll have many, many good years to come of providing us with excellent fabrics.”

– Claudia, via email


“Awesome! Stretch cotton – Thank you!”

– Julie, about the January Thaw mailer


“Please add to the order from yesterday.  I just received my swatches and these fabrics look great in person!”

– Janet, via order comments


“I just want to tell you how much I love your company.  When the swatches arrive, I sit downwith a cup of tea and savor them!  You improve the quality of my life!”

– Kathleen via telephone


“Like so many, I am always interested in a knit print with good recovery for dresses (for work).  Your swatch collections are as beautiful as they were 30 years ago.”

– Nina, on her new order


“I just opened the mailer and felt like swooning! OH, these fabrics are just beautiful! I would order all if the husband person wouldn’t complain about the cost…how important is that house payment anyway?! LOL

Thank you, once again, for such excellent customer service.”

– Patti, via email


“I bought a length of Donegal tweed in Dublin a few years back and it is (right, I haven’t sewn it yet) about 30″ wide. I think you have the real thing and I’m going to make a sample layout so I can buy carefully. I recall that the price was about the same.
thank you for bringing us such splendors! And BTW, I LOVE my swatch subscription.”

– Karen via email, RE: Harris Tweed


“[My friend] is primarily a quilter par excellence. She also is learning to make American Girl doll clothes and asked where I buy the lovely fabrics for the things I have sent her, so she knows about Sawyer Brook. She sews very well for herself and her grand children. I think she would just LOVE having this! I certainly do. And you’ve offered me the wonderful gift of extending my subscription every time I buy, which was totally unexpected.

Mostly I make things for myself from your fabrics, and I trust you whole-heartedly with your matching service. One of the things I asked for help with was finding a contrasting lining, preferably a print, for a coat I was making for someone’s doll. You will go down in history for what you chose. It was the loveliest, softest cotton, smooth as silk, with an abstract print that was beyond wonderful for the outer fabric, PLUS lovely little black buttons for the epaulets, tabs, sleeve openings and front, all to be used with teeny tiny buttonholes. That was the all-time best. You know what’s missing from your site? A way to tell you things like that. Maybe it’s there, and I haven’t seen it. Often I’ve wanted to shout your accolades from the rooftops!

Thank you so much for this generous offer!”

Sherry, via email, in response to our Thank You gift to subscribers


“Today I received my shipment of “Spectator” boiled wool……it is outstanding! The weight is nice and substantial; the color is exactly as shown on your site; the scale of the plaid is what I expected. I’m so grateful that I was able to purchase it on sale, and with the added 25% discount. I LOVE IT. Also, my sister is very excited about her new gift subscription to the monthly swatching service….she called me to describe the samples that were sent to her. Finally, the little buttons “Jemma” are exquisite. Thank you so much for being in this business.”

– Mary, via email