Last Cuts of Heavy Lining

These lining is sold as a piece at a discounted price per piece. When you select the options below, you will receive one piece of described length. The price is shown per piece and  not per yard. The discount is 20% and will be applied in the shopping cart. Please note that we will not be able to cut these. The specifications for each piece such as fiber content, price per yard, and width are listed in the description for each piece.

Please note: Every attempt has been made to reproduce the color of the linings as accurately as possible. Be aware that the appearance of the colors may vary with the screen used to view them. 

Color Chart
Squire Taupe 1yd
Squire Khaki 2.375yds
Oak 0.625yds
Navy Ambiance 1.25yds
Item Number: last-cuts-heavy-lining