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Kim’s Loose-Fitted Pants

Kim made this beautiful loose-fitting pants using the Hexa viscose jersey knit fabric.

Kim, Thank you for sharing!

“My pattern has side seams and crotch seams only. I used a 2-inch black knit elastic for the waistband. I added a 2-inch folded fabric strip to the top of the waistband. This added fabric strip is left open on the side front and has the options of 1) being folded and tied into a bow over the black elastic waistband, or 2) raised up above the waistline for added style.

Let me know if anyone wants a copy of my pattern or wants these same pants made for them.    Thank you, Kim”


    • Hello Katie,

      I will reach out to Kim and ask her about the pattern she used. Another option, we could recreate the pattern and offer it to all customers. This will take a pit of time to complete, though. I hope to get back to you soon with more help.

      All the best,

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