Ordering A Swatch Online

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If you are a distinctive touch+ member, then ordering swatches is easy! Simply go to the fabric you would like a swatch of, then select the “ORDER A SWATCH” button located next to the “Add to Cart” button.
Sawyer Brook offers FREE swatches to all distinctive touch+ members.

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Not a member? Not to worry!
Here’s how swatches work for non-members:

1 Simply add the swatches you would like to your cart using the same “ORDER A SWATCH” button.

We may order a set of up to 3 swatches for a $5.00 per set. So whether you are only ordering a single swatch, or a complete set of three swatches, the price will be $5.00.

2 After your swatch order is processed, a $5.00 coupon will be issued to your account to be applied toward your next purchase of $25.00 or more of any of the fabrics included in your set. The $5.00 coupon will have a 30 days expiration period.

Can I order more than 3 swatches?
Sure! You will be charged $5.00 for each additional set of up to 3 swatches, and you will similarly receive the same amount in the form of a coupon to be applied on your next purchase of any of the fabrics included  in your set.

Swatch pricing & availability subject to change without notice. Sawyer Brook reserves the right to cancel any swatch order for any reason.

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