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Spring III 2018 Sampler

Gorgeous 100% cotton shirting prints by Tori Richard, Max Mara, and Ratti-Italy; a beautiful stretch cotton print from Italy; a stunning laminated stretch denim from Italy; two stretch faux leather from France in beautiful colors and textures; and a stretch cotton jacquard in solid white from France – just to name a few!
You will also find in this collection three beautiful viscose jersey knits and a stunning viscose challis fabric among several other fine fabrics!

The 20 sampled fabrics are arranged in the following order:

18-0301 Ma-Belle, 18-0302 DenimFlex – Berries, 18-0304 Heart-2-Heart, 18-0303 TwillFlex – Brandy, 18-0305 Rattata, 18-0306 Kyela, 18-0307 TwillFlex – Tan, 18-0308 Blue Persia, 18-0309 Honeycomb – Off-White, 18-0310 Dot-2-Dot, 18-0311 Cobra, 18-0312A Skins – Auburn, 18-0312B Skins – Indigo, 18-0313 Stained Glass, 18-0314 Mementos, 18-0315 To-The-Max, 18-0316 Linen-Ray-Flex, 18-0317 Viva, 18-0318 Night Flares, 18-0319 TwillFlex – Slate.

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