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Spring II 2018 Sampler

Cotton and linen fabrics in different weights, textures, and colors dominate the Spring II 2018 sampler with shirt-weight and dress-weight cotton prints from Tori Richard and Bill’s Khakis, and medium to lightweight linen fabrics from Italy!

The 26 sampled fabrics in the Spring II 2018 mailer offer you many mix and match options to create your own unique designs!  They are arranged in the following order:

18-0212 Summer Tweed, 18-0207 Summer Sky, 18-0213 Baby Blue, 18-0110 Blue Splash, 18-0217 PonteLight – Baby Blue, 18-0205 RoyalTea, 18-0206 Topaz, 18-0111 The Twist, 18-0211 Radiance, 18-0210 Serene, 18-0209 Coral Beach, 18-0202 Aztec, 18-0102 Spring Morning, 18-0112 Hacienda, 18-0203 PonteLight – Tan, 18-0218 Amera, 18-0208C Washed Linen – Coral, 18-0208B Washed Linen – Brown, 18-0208S Washed Linen – Seafoam, 18-0214 Meadows, 18-0219 TwillFlex – Lavender, 18-0215 Picnic, 18-0216B Check-In – Blue, 18-0216R Check-In – Red, 18-0216N Check-In – Navy, 18-0216P Check-In – Pink.

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