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  • Red-Green


This fabric is a heavy weight oatmeal color linen with gorgeous texture. Satin warp threads add dressy sheen, and coarse diagonal ribs add textural interest. Unfortunately, this fabric was caught in the storm and got wet during transport. There is a large water stain on one side of the fabric. In the spirit of sustainability, we have decided to not send it to a landfill. Undamaged side of the fabric is 32” wide. There is also an undamaged 11” section between water stains that can be used for small pieces, like collars and cuffs. We named the fabric in tribute to Canadian comedy The Red Green Show, which celebrates common sense and scrappy ingenuity. Main character of the show believes that everything can be fixed with duck tape and chicken wire. This linen has voluminous drape. Suitable for jackets, light coats, skirts, and dresses. 100% Linen. 32” wide. From Italy. (C)

Coordinate with Last Surf.

Red-Green is sampled in Fall I 2021 catalog.