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Purple Reign

This fabric is a lightweight linen/rayon blend in a balanced medium-dark orchid color (Pantone 18-3628 Bellflower). The fabric weight is 193 gsm (5.7 oz). It is opaque, has a very soft hand, and a full drape. It’s suitable for tops, shirts, full pants, skirts, and dresses. Linen/Rayon. 54″ Wide. (C)

Coordinate with Ameena, Lizabeth, Orchid 164yds Mettler Metrosene

There is only one cut left: 1.25 yds. This cut is 1″ less than the full length along one of the selvages, and is 1″ more than the full length alone the other selvage.

Purple Reign is sampled in the Spring II 2024 catalog