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On the Prowl

This fabric is a fantastic quality dress-weight satin featuring a fashion-forward print of 2.5”-3” tigers and leopards on the prowl. Colors include a range of rusty browns and tans on a black background. The fabric is wonderfully soft, opaque, with full drape. It is suitable for tops, dresses, and flowy skirts. You might consider combining it with a linear or plaid prints for a very current look. This print is directional with 15.25” horizontal and 24.5” vertical repeat. 100% Viscose. 54” wide. From Italy. (H/D)

Coordinate with Striking, Matte Jersey – Amber Gold, Mustard Seed

There is only one cut left: 3 yds and 8” sold as 3.125 yds. We will cut if 1.625 yds or less is needed.

On the Prowl is sampled in Spring I 2022 catalog.