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Bright white background of this cotton sateen provides crisp contrast for vibrant fuchsia and green leaves (Pantone® 17-2031 TPG Fuchsia Rose, 19-2045 Vivacious, 18-5624 Shady Glade, 14-6017 Neptune Green). Leaf branches are about 5” wide and 3.5” tall with individual leaves ranging around ¾” in size. Print has 7.25” horizontal and 8.25” vertical repeat. This print is busy and, although it’s directional, we don’t think it requires matching. Fabric weight is 108 gsm (3.2 oz). Typical for most of white fabrics, this sateen has a very slight show-through. It has smooth dry hand and moderate drape. It’s suitable for shirts, tops, and loosely fitting dresses and skirts (you might choose to line these). 100 % Organic Cotton. 58” Wide. (M)

Coordinate with Fuchsia Revolution, Flamingo Lily, Ponte Knit – White

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Floralee is sampled in Spring I 2023 catalog