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Fall Teaser 2018 Sampler

This sampler features a number of fabric options for shirts (his or hers), lightweight dresses, suits, special occasion, and casual garments.
Gorgeous prints, soft hands, lovely textures, and classic colors on some of the finest quality imported cotton and rayon fabrics. For everyday wear in the summer, the fall or in between seasons!
Also included are three great colors of high quality, stretchable, synthetic leather fabrics which you may use to accent any outfit – make jackets, skirts, dresses, or pants!
The 22 sampled fabrics are arranged in the following order:
18-0802R Cameron – Red, 18-0802P Cameron – Pink, 18-0801G Skins2 – Gray, 18-0801C Skins2 – Cream, 18-0801B Skins2 – Espresso, 18-0817 Sumac, 18-0636 Burgundy, 18-0818 PonteLight – Brandywine, 18-0815 Lazuli, 18-0814 Blue Bands, 18-0804C Caress – Coral, 18-0804E Caress – Espresso, 18-0804B Caress – Blue, 18-0804P Caress – Purple, 18-0804T Caress – Tangerines, 18-0804R Caress – Red, 18-0805 RoyalTea – Violet, 18-0806 Paisley Medley, 18-0807 Devotion, 18-0808 Ebony Wonders, 18-0813 Blue Glass, 18-0803 Blue Herring.


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