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This fabric is a lightweight jersey featuring charming floral print. White and pale blue background is covered with dancing blue flowers ranging from 1.25″ to 3″ in size. Colors of the print include wide range of blues with strong green undertone from very pale blue to inky navy (Pantone® 16-4118 TCX Glacier Lake, 18-4430 Fjord Blue, 19-3811 Inking). Print has 18.75″ horizontal and 13.25″ vertical repeat, is directional, but shouldn’t require matching. This jersey has 30% stretch, has soft hand, and delicate full drape. It is extra-wide and coordinates nicely with pale blue. Rayon/Lycra. 71″ wide. (C-Flat)

Coordinate with Sandman, Silk Road, Ibiza, Ponte Knit – Jewel Blue, Charmed Hexagons

There is only one cut left: 1.375 yds. The piece is slightly larger: 1yd+15” along one selvage and 1yd+24” along the other selvage.

Ella is not sampled in a catalog