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  • Denim Palette – Green
  • Denim Palette – Green
  • Denim Palette – Green

Denim Palette – Green

This fabric is a medium weight 2-way stretch double-sided denim. It has a 30% stretch. One side of this denim has a sateen weave and a bronze-green color. The other side is inky-black. This green color coordinates easily with many other colors. This denim is fairly heavy and has a voluminous drape. It’s best suited for structured garments like jeans and denim separates. Cotton/ Elastane. 58″ Wide. From Italy. (H/C)

Sewing Tips:

  • Please note that it is not unusual for denim fabrics to lose some of the dye in the wash. The darker colored denims usually lose more color. You can lessen the color loss by setting the dye before the first wash. You can set the dye with commercial dye fixatives. Alternatively, you can soak the fabric for an hour in cold water with a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of salt, rinse and wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Please test on a swatch first. This particular denim has a high propensity to loose color unevenly, which might result in a slight grunge effect.
  • Some thicker machine needles may leave marks on the black side. Please test first if you intend to use the black side. The needle marks can be steamed out until they almost disappear, however your might get a different result.
  • This denim soften slightly after a wash, but the drape doesn’t change dramatically.

Coordinate with Fall Fest, Sun Glitter, Leaf Hound, Lillian, Oriental Garden

A pair of jeans made from this fabric is featured in the Customer Creations Gallery

Denim Palette – Green is sampled in the Spring III 2021 catalog