Rayon Fabrics

We like to say “it’s not your mother’s rayon”! Our grandmothers remember when rayon fabrics were first introduced to the fashion market. It was drapey and colorful, but could not be washed and had a crisp hand that was unappealing to some. Not so anymore. Rayon comes in many incarnations now and most are washable. Soft rayon challis, a plain weave, is familiar to many for skirts, blouses and dresses. Rayon crepe is generally imported from Europe. The high twist yarns add a bit of subtle texture and depth to the fabrication. Viscose is often indicative of a European origin and refers to the method used to create the rayon fibers. Our customers like the viscose crepes that come from mills in Germany and France and offer not only fine designs, but a wonderfully drapey hand for dresses and skirts. Click here for information on sewing and working with rayon fabrics »

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