Leather Information

Leather Information

A knowledge base for sewing and caring for leather.

Leather is sold in full skins.  Generally we have lambskin from the designer marketplace.  This is the most common type used by garment manufacturers.  Occasionally we would have calfskin.  Generally the skins range in size from 5 -9 square feet.  They are laser measured at the tannery.  Skins are sold singly and no price differentiation is made for sizing within the same groupings.  We ship the largest skins first unless otherwise directed by the customer.

Leather is a natural product and as such has minor imperfections.  We do our best to sort out any skins that we feel do not meet first quality standards.

Professional cleaning is recommended.  Commercial cleaners can be used for spot cleaning, but testing in an inconspicuous place is necessary, especially with dyed leathers.

For more discussion of working with leather, consult your favorite fabric compendiums.

Note: The information offered in this fabric guide is meant to extend the customer’s understanding of the fabrics that are offered in our online store and should not be considered a complete source for fabric and fiber know-how. Information provided here is a culmination of the knowledge of our staff as we work and sew with the various fabrics we sell.