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Leigh J.

“Thank you so much!!!  I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.  I’m looking forward to some happy shopping.”

– Leigh J, via email


“Yes!!!! It got here anyway!  Thanks so much for your over the top customer service;)”

– Hillary, in an email, re: mis-delivered package

Laura H.

“Yeah! you are the best!
I am at home dealing with a chronic pain condition and the only thing I can do is sew, when I am able.  Your site is wonderful and you have been really great about helping me!”

– Laura H, in an email


“I am looking forward to getting my order — your fabrics are the best!
Thanks again”

– Vera

Barbara H.

“Thank you so much, I didn’t know that High Summer was web-only. I love your fabrics.”

– Barbara H, via email

Jan D.

“I fell in love with the Jazzerie cotton voile and the coordinates when I got my swatches, and I just had to make them up.  I chose Vogue 8911 for the outfit.  Sawyer Brook is, and has been for years, my favorite, Number 1 source for gorgeous fabrics.  I don’t know what I would do without you all!”

– Jan D, via email


“As I sit here ordering this new fabric, I realize that I’m wearing a skirt that I made many years ago with fabric that I bought from you! In fact, your fabric never seems to wear out of fade! People still ask me “Where did you buy that outfit?” Invariably it’s been a Sawyer Brook “original”. So thanks again for many years of great sewing!”

– Ann, NY, via written note

Karen B.

“Make it look anonymous so he doesn’t know I’m buying more fabric…..ok, don’t make it look like shoes…..just kidding.  love your fabric.”

– Karen B, while placing an order

Melisa W.

“Thanks y’all – I love your fabric selection and excellent customer service!”

– Melisa W on an order

Tory L.

“[Talking about the balancing act of paying for shipping on larger vs smaller packages to Canada] If you ever wonder why there aren’t more Canadians buying your fabric, that is why. When we do, we hope we will squeak through Customs unhindered, but we always know there is a good chance we will get dinged. In theory, Customs charges us the tax we would pay if we bought the fabric in a Canadian store, plus a small handling fee. It’s not unreasonable, but it is expensive (14%?).

I love S-B fabrics, and feel confident ordering from the samples. I can see and feel what I will get. Most of what you offer is not available here, and it is so beautiful, I cannot resist!”

– Tory L, via email


“I just received the fabrics!  They are fabulous!  And the grey match to the leopard silk print is perfect.  Thanks.”

– Marie, via email

Laurel A.

“I received the order yesterday, and it was even much better than online. And the matching service is impossibly perfect :). From now on, when it really matters to my project, I will only buy it from your company. Absolutely perfect.”

– Laurel A, via email

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