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Fall I 2019 Sampler

If you live in a cold or moderate climate and want to be sure you are covered this Fall & Winter, this first collection will get you prepared with a casual wardrobe ready for the cold seasons!

Included you will find medium weight textured cotton & wool blend fabrics, lightweight stretch velvet fabrics, ultralight-weight stretch corduroy shirting fabrics, cotton sweater knit fabrics, a cotton blend jacquard fabric with its solid coordinate, and more…!

The 18 fabrics of the Fall I 2019 Catalog are arranged in the following order:

19-0254B Sweater Knit – Oats, 19-0254N Sweater Knit – Navy, 19-0258 Tweed Herring, 19-0271 Taupe Garden, 19-0252 TwilVet – Gray, 19-0251 TwilVet – Rust, 19-0250 FelxRoy19 – Dark Teal, 19-0257A FelxRoy21 – Aqua Blue, 19-0257P FexRoy21 – Cloud Pink, 19-0256 Blue Radiance, 19-0255B Blue Drizzles, 19-0255C Gold Drizzles, 19-0253 TwillFlex – Dark Brown, 19-0263 Atlantic, 19-0264 CottonFlex – Navy, 19-0272 DenimLight – Indigo, 19-0262R TwillFlex – Maroon Red, 19-0262T TwillFlex – Dark Teal.


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