Tips for Visiting Our Local Showroom

Tips for Visiting Our Local Showroom

Planning to Visit Our Local Showroom?

From serving customers in the showroom for a number of years, we’ve made a list of helpful tips to consider before coming to shop.

Don’t leave home without…

  • Yardage requirements differ according to fabric width–we’ll be happy to help you convert if necessary.
  • Planning alterations? Bring a list of individual yardage requirements based on your alterations – are you adding or subtracting length? Changing the style of the pattern might add/subtract yardage too. Let us assist you in re-evaluating your pattern.
  • Notions list for each garment including interfacing, lining, shoulder pads, zippers and buttons. Take advantage of our Best Match service to find the ideal combination of fashion fabric and support.
  • Bring swatches of anything that you want to match or coordinate including partially completed garments needing notions, or swatches from your stash. Don’t forget to bring swatches of items you’ve made so you can choose coordinates for finished jackets, pants, etc.
  • Do you love buttons? We have a fabulous assortment of buttons from basic to exotic. We have found that once people see our button collection, they often wish they had brought jackets, sweaters, blouses, etc. that need a fresh look. Rather than carrying the garments, snip a swatch from the seam or find a fabric in your stash that matches the color and flavor of the item. If you are replacing buttons, be sure to measure the buttonhole! In the meantime, visit our online button shop.
  • Remember, buttons aren’t just for fabric – bring knitted swatches for sweaters in progress.
Color Palette

If you’ve had your colors analyzed, bring along your palette and we’ll work with you to find the right colors for your wardrobe.


Some people like to bring pictures of garments they wish to replicate. But be careful, matching color to photos is not entirely accurate.

We look forward to meeting you!

Remember, please call ahead so that we can offer you the best service during your visit.

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