Synthetic Fabric Blends

Synthetic Fabric Blends

A new fabric passed through my hands recently and set me to “musing”. Do you remember when a “blend” automatically included a synthetic fiber?

Cotton/polyester is the first one that comes to mind. Wool/acrylic, wool/nylon–what others do you remember? Nowadays, however, the sky is the limit! The first time I saw a linen/cotton blend I was so excited. Blends of natural fibers are everywhere now. And synthetics are being used in new ways. Cotton with nylon has been popular lately. The combinations that excite me the most though are the natural fiber blends. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I’m introduced to something marvelous. The fabric that stimulated me to muse on this topic is 85% cotton/15% cashmere. Can you imagine such a thing?! Something new always gets the juices flowing! To see swatch, visit our Sawyer Brook Sampler.

The afore-mentioned fabric is a woven. Last winter Sawyer Brook offered a wonderful knit, 96% rayon/ 4% cashmere. There’s still a little bit left and its on sale right now! I love rayon by itself, especially nice quality, but then when you add the cashmere…. My body loves to wear natural fibers and hasn’t allowed me to put much that’s synthetic into my closet and fabric stash.

I’ve also been fascinated by all the fabrics that contain Spandex or Lycra or Elastane (as the European mills call it). A small percentage of stretch in traditional styles of linen or wool or cotton or silk makes them much easier to move around in. And then there’s rayon and Tencel and…, well, you get the picture. And remember, many things that are “dry clean only” in ready-to-wear are washable for us sewers!

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