Snoop Shopping for Ready-to-Wear

Snoop Shopping for Ready-to-Wear

Last time I was discussing “snoop shopping”; i.e. visiting ready-to-wear in the stores. I don’t have the time to visit stores anywhere near as often as I’d like, so I use my alternate venue to conduct my research. My mailbox is a treasure trove of catalogs. I store them in a basket beside a comfortable chair in, dare I say it (?!), alphabetical order. I read the catalog copy to learn about fabrications and design detail. I study the photos of garments that are displayed on live models to see how the fabric hangs in that style. If I like what I see, it gives me an idea of which patterns I can use with which fabrics. Again, many dry clean only garments would be washable if they came from my sewing room!

Ah, the “Spring I Collection”. Since I generally love Tomatsu’s styles in Vogue Patterns, I tend to love the fabrics as well. #1313 Vesper will soon be in my sewing room. This is such an interesting and rich crossweave linen. I would like it to be soft, so I intend to wash it several times before I cut it out. I’m not decided as to what garment it will become, but a bias-cut simple dress has planted a seed in my brain. I’m picturing long, A-line, and a bit floaty to wear with sandals or flats.

I love purples, but pinks have been my other favorite my entire life. (Some things just don’t change!) Vogue 7307 is a tailored blouse with a small ruffle at the hip length curved hemline. Three-quarter sleeves with cuffs complete the updated look. It has a collar-on-band and yoke. I love the juxtaposition of tailored with a feminine touch. This is View B that I plan to sew up in #1304 Girltalk, the pink shirting from Italy. Can’t wait for the dyed-to-match
designer buttons to arrive!

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