Upgrading Ready-to-Wear Clothing with Buttons

Upgrading Ready-to-Wear Clothing with Buttons

We here at Sawyer Brook and many of our customers often change the buttons on our ready-to-wear clothes to upgrade the “look” to our standards. Candy’s shared a few of her experiences this month in her column. To view pictures of her garments with their upgraded clothing buttons, visit our Customer Gallery.

Last fall, when I was changing my closet over from spring/summer to fall/winter, I was amazed at just how many of my ready-to-wear (RTW) jackets, sweaters, and shirts wear buttons from Sawyer Brook. It is very interesting to realize that even very nice RTW garments wear buttons that are far beneath them in quality. There is no question that the buttons that I chose for my clothes upgraded them. The right buttons will enhance or enrich the overall feeling of good quality.

An inexpensive garment can suddenly look like a million. Well, at least a thousand! Sometimes the change is subtle and you can’t put a finger on just why you like that jacket, or whatever, so much better with the replacement buttons. You just know that its “aura” is so much more pleasing. I even replaced buttons on a pair of brown corduroy sailor style pants. I took off eight brown buttons and sewed on a different eight brown buttons. The new buttons didn’t make a statement; they just enriched the overall image. I’ve replaced metal buttons with non-metal and non-metal with metal, depending on the look that strikes my fancy. The replacement buttons on a soft mulberry cotton waffle weave cardigan look like they were custom designed for the garment.

When it is time to say good-bye to the garment, I do not say good-bye to the buttons. They are removed and put into my compartmentalized button box to await another garment that needs enhancement or to be sewn onto a garment that I have made. One way or another, my Sawyer Brook buttons remain in my possession!

Editor’s Comment: We know from experience that many manufacturers skimp on their buttons. It is one place to save money when producing a garment. They mistakenly believe the customer will not care much about the buttons. We’ve found this to be true until the customer sees the difference a fine quality button can make to the whole picture! Send us a swatch or shop Distinctive Buttons regularly to transform your ready-to-wear to custom!

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