I mentioned in a previous post (Swiss Miss or Mister) that we bought a number of wonderful Swiss cottons this season.  Our most recent acquisitions are two embroideries.  The quality of the workmanship on these two pieces is something to behold!!  We are so spoiled to be able to witness this quality. You know, it’s like fine food — if you haven’t tasted it you don’t know what you’re missing; but once you do taste it, you can’t go back to anything less!  So it is with fine fabrics. One of these pieces is a dark navy linen/cotton blend, the other an olive cotton.  The embroidery on both is bold sunny yellow!  We also have a sunbeam yellow stretch cotton satin for a coordinate. These combinations aren’t for everyone, but they will be exquisite on those who dare.  Of course, there’s always a pillow as a way to exhibit the fabric!

What do we look for when we evaluate embroidery quality?  Of course, the face of the fabric needs to be unblemished, the design should be appropriately filled in with no skips, the thread used should be appropriate to the base fabric in color and weight. Then, we turn it over!!  Sometimes the face can fool you, but the back never can.  Look for security…threads anchored in multiple places, no loose threads dangling which can unravel inferior work.

These fabrics should be in the web store by week’s end.  Search for Tapas.  For more stunning embroideries, check our Boutique, where you’ll find silk douppioni embellished with embroidery and sequins.

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