When a Plan Comes Together

When a Plan Comes Together

Due to the way we buy, we don’t always have the luxury of purchasing buttons that we know will go with a specific fabric.  Instead, we purchase with certain colors and styles in mind.  Because we have an extensive collection, most often we are able to find a button that meets each customer’s specific requirements.  We do spend a lot of time doing the matches…as if the project were our own.  Is that practical for a bottom-line business plan–no!  Will we ever do it any other way-no!  We are committed to providing the best quality service to our customers and know that they rely on us to do just that.

Recently Dixie was matching buttons for our current collection!  Look what she found!

We all get so excited when the elements of color and style come together to create an amazing story!  This rayon/wool chenille is breathtakingly beautiful with its slight copper sparkle.  Picking up on the copper and turquoise, this unique metal button with just the right patina was the perfect choice for jacket or vest closures.

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