What We Do to Bring Buttons to You

What We Do to Bring Buttons to You


Two shipments of new buttons recently arrived from Italy. This is always a fun time in the button department as we go through the process of making the buttons available to you. We thought this is a good time to share how we do this.

Our Italian buttons are manufactured specifically for us. How does that happen? Twice a year we receive big boxes of button samples from our suppliers. The buttons are mounted on large cardboard cards. We look through them, ooh and aah over them, and decide which ones we think you’ll be interested in. It takes us a few days to finalize our order. Then we wait two to three months for the buttons to arrive.


It feels like Christmas every time these shipments come in. So many beautiful, colorful buttons! So many interesting shapes, and so much texture!

Now the real fun begins, when we get to handle these little gems, and work with them until we have a good idea of how best to market them to you.

Choosing color names is a very important aspect of the process.¬†Barb and I work together on this. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes not. Since our customers are looking at the buttons on a computer monitor, we select colors very carefully. We try to stay away from non-descriptive names, as what we’re trying to convey is the true color of the button. We want the name to be as accurate as possible, so that you can have a clear idea of what the color looks like in person. We sometimes refer to color books or charts to determine the color name.



Next, we name the buttons. Why do we do this? Because remembering a name is much easier than remembering a stock number. This helps you as you place an order and it helps us as we fill the order. Sometimes names don’t come easy, and it might be a day or two before we decide upon the right one. We want the name to evoke the feeling of the button, to make it appealing to you.

Then it’s off to set up the photo studio to take pictures for the web store. This is where I get to play a bit, composing and taking photos. We recently added shots of the buttons with a tape measure, so you can get a visual feel for the size of the button. Of course, we will continue to list the measurement on the web page.

Only when the buttons are given a stock number, a name, and a color name, and are measured and priced, can they go up on the web site. This is the less interesting step in the process, but the most important, overall. There’s a big sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing the buttons on the web, knowing that we first saw them on those sample cards months earlier!




If there is anything we can do differently in our web store listings, please let us know. We’re always working to make it easier for you to shop for buttons at Sawyer Brook!

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