Two for One!

Two for One!

Here’s another interesting fabrication… We purchased a very fine pinstripe from Tahari recently. What originally attracted us was the fiber blend–53% wool/44% cotton/3% elastic. The coloration is midnight and pearl to be very specific, but it comes off looking like muted black and white. It’s so sophisticated, and the hand and drape is irresistible. We thought our customers would enjoy it to freshen their basics wardrobe for pants or suits. Once we had the piece in-house, it was fun to study the weave. It appears to be a plain weave fabric (one over one) where the warp and weft are alternated in the weaving process to produce a vertical stripe on the face side, resulting in a horizontal stripe on the reverse. What fun! Now this fabric has escalated to a perfect choice for reversible accents!

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  1. Erin


    Ooh, is there a link to purchase? I love wool/cotton blends!

  2. Barbara Blom


    Hi Erin…you’ll love this one! It just went out to subscribers on Thursday so it is not up on the web yet. If the fabric sells out in the next two weeks, it will not be on the website. If you are interested in purchasing it, here are the details:
    53% wool/44% cotton/3% elastic blend 62” (H/D) $27.95/yd.
    If you would like to see a swatch, please email us at

  3. Susan Wozniak


    I love to wear linen in the summer and I do find it cooler than cotton. My concerns are more with the price, which is higher than cotton, and linen’s tendency to fade more readily than other fabrics. Fading isn’t bad when a garment fades uniformly, but, when a blouse fades across the hanger line or when a skirt develops a pale area somewhere in the middle, that’s a problem. I also like a blend of cotton and wool, which is long wearing and tends to defeat moths.

  4. Barbara Blom


    What you say of linen is very true. My personal philosphy is that you have to give to get! I love what I get from linen and try to overlook the other issues. I guess when all is said and done a balance of fibers in our wardrobe is best for all of us. For more linen talk see Linen or Not-February.

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