Welcome to The Bistro

Welcome to The Bistro

What is a trend?  Fads come and go overnight. They are temporary.   Trends are a movement in a particular direction. It’s fun to watch trends.  If you enjoy fashion, then watching the fashion trends can be a hobby and a nice adjunct to your creative hobbies like sewing or knitting.   It doesn’t mean you  produce every new style, but following the trends can stimulate your creativity in a direction that will make your garments look current and a la mode.  We know that some of you watch the trends carefully and want to replicate ready-to-wear from your sewing room.  That’s why we created The Bistro, the lighter side of Sawyer Brook.

This new department in our online store features fabrics that speak to today’s styling trends and are “priced to entice”.  Sewing garments for quick turnaround can be fun and easy.

Right now you’ll find retro prints,Retro Print Knits bold printsBold Floral Print Fabrics and dotsDot Duo…all part of this season’s fashion scene.  We’ll be introducing new fabrics regularly and will announce them here on this blog.  Be sure to sign up for our RSS or email alerts to find out when new fabrics are posted.  Please comment on any of these posts with your own fashion ideas and  send  photos of the garments you create with these Bistro fabrics!

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