Transitions: Moving Across the Divide

Transitions: Moving Across the Divide

Transitions:  “passage from one state or stage to another”

You know that awkward fashion season when you never seem to have quite the right outfit for the changeable weather?  We all know it and, if you’re like me, it can make for longer-than-normal mornings figuring out just the right outfit to create for that day.  I’ve put together some tips garnered from my experience and that of others.  With these tips and our recent Transitions collection, we hope you can enjoy this most wonderful time of year.


Textured cotton fabricprinted linen fabricsueded cotton fabricRayon jersey knit


More in the morning and evening, fewer layers at mid-day.  Start with a base comfort level for the day…

For instance, choose a pair of pants that will cover the warmest part of the day but still be appropriate in the cool morn or eve. In our part of the country, this generally means cotton for structured trousers.  Rayon or rayon/linen blends work well for pants with an unstructured silhouette. Above far right, Whitetail in taupe. Next a tank or tee that will give a bit of warmth and comfort, but is probably not enough for the cooler weather of late August in our area.  We chose Neufchatel jersey. Over the jersey tee, a neutral printed linen works for a long vest or tunic or a shirt or open top. We love the rich neutral combination in Tumbleweed. Finally add a jacket layer.  This will work out well as just enough comfort for out of doors, or an added layer indoors as the sun goes down. The texture in Tauperie adds interest and weight to complete the outfit.

Neck warmers:

When do you cave in to the turtleneck?  I’ve been famous for keeping my neck covered from November to May here in New England!  Most of my co-workers wait much longer and open up much sooner in the spring.  Whatever your personal temperature gauge tells you, here are some tips to keep your self warm during the coldest parts of the day in the transitional period.

Cotton Voile Fabric
Jazzerie Cotton Voile


Add a scarf–adds not only a layer of warmth, but an opportunity for color at your face. Keep the fabrication lightweight and use a long length that wraps around for additional warmth.



Wear a high collar Crisp shirts or blazer style jackets offer a great backstop for cold necks.

Staple Cotton Jersey in black
Staple Cotton Jersey in black



Shirt Collars:  If you’re not ready to take the plunge into the turtle world, then try wearing some soft knit shirts that have collars.  Just that little bit of fabric at the neckline helps.  Remember how hot those feel in warm weather?  Use it to your advantage when its chilly.


Last Resort?  The ever-popular Turtleneck!


Choose mid-weight fabrics  for this time of year.  Time to let go of the lightweights unless you are layering.  If you are looking for single layer dressing, then kick up the weight of the fabric you choose.

Here in New England that usually means cotton twill or cotton satin…great weight for three season wear.

Cotton Satin Fabric
Brolive Satin
Cotton Twill Fabric
Sage Twill

Not ready for full length jeans?  How about a denim skirt?

Cotton Denim Fabric
Denim One—cotton with a bit of stretch

Use Color to signify the changing season

Choosing neutrals is a good sign that Fall is on the way.  Still perfectly fine for summer days, but a hint of what’s to come.

Wheat Herring-fine cotton texture for jacket, vest, skirt or pants.
Wheat Herring-fine cotton texture for jacket, vest, skirt or pants.


Fine Cotton LawnPonte KnitCotton shirting fabricTencel Jersey Knit

Tired of pastels and brights?  Time to introduce some richer fall tones in mid-weight fabrications and non-floral prints.

Tune in to the fall  season’s color palette and Watch  Just Arrived for lots more transitional fabrics over the next month.  With a little bit of forward thinking, you’ll be ready for the chilly nights and warm days of late summer/early fall.


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