The P Word

The P Word


I once had a salesman say to his colleague, dont’ say the “A word” in front of Barb! (He meant acrylic!)  Sawyer Brook’s legacy has always been a respect for natural fibers. The company began in the 70’s when polyester was king and offered fine natural fibers such as Linton Tweeds, Liberty cottons and Viyella blends. Over time we’ve loosened our borders a bit to include some of the newer fibers on the market. Our strong emphasis continues to be on the basic natural fibers–wool, linen, cotton and silk along with rayons of high quality. But, we have opened our collections to include high-end synthetics from European mills and offer the occasional ITY jersey knit in our Bistro collection for color and fun. So, I guess you can I say I’ve evolved!

This is the time of year when we most have to remain open-minded. Why? Because our fabrics are sourced through designer workrooms and mill overruns. And the reality is that glitz and glamour come with compromise on fiber. In order to get the wonderful texture and delightful sparkle that makes holiday fashion fun, yarns of synthetic fiber are needed. Unless of course, you can use spun gold or exquisite silk brocades. For most of us, a once-a-year outfit is out of reach in the natural fiber category. Mills working with designers have created some pretty wonderful fabrications in recent years. We are enamored of the texture that they have created and see the grandeur of the metallic yarns interwoven with chenille, boucle or embroidery.

Barkley Chenille











laminated knit
Taormina Knit


Many mills this year used a laminated finish on the knits to add the sparkle after the design was  printed.

puckered fabric
Regency in Bronze

Chemical and/or heat processes are used to create interesting textures on woven fabrics such as this puckered jacquard.

There is much to experiment with when using special occasion fabrics.  Why not try some new techniques this season and share your experiences with your fellow Sawyer Brook sewists.

Have a Happy Gala Season!

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