The Great White Shirt

The Great White Shirt

This morning I was cruising some of the fashion retail stores and it seems this is the week to market white shirts for transition into fall. Almost every site I went to was showing a variation of that theme. One of the pleasures of buying fabric in the worldwide marketplace is the availability of fine quality basics. Over the years we’ve been able to source such items as pinpoint oxford shirting and pima cotton broadcloth along with our specialty fabrics. We are very picky about the choices we make because, in our opinion, the more basic, the more the quality or lack thereof shows up in the finished garment.  We offer these basics to our customers as long as we can keep them in stock.

Pinpoint oxford is a very fine modified basketweave with a slight sheen. This weave is produced by pairing lengthwise yarns (warp) and weaving them with heavier filling yarns (weft). It is soft, yet has body to tailor well into crisp detail. We’ve seen a lot of pinpoint, but this one is top notch! Currently we have it in stock in white and sage—very soft green with a slightly grayed tone.

Broadcloth –a plain weave fabrication– is the standard for fine shirting. The type of cotton that is used influences the hand of the finished goods.

Pima cotton (a hybrid of Sea Island and Egyptian cotton grown in the South West, USA) is a wonderful extra long staple (ELS) cotton that produces a smooth surface and soft drape. Remember, the finer the cotton, the less the wrinkle! This shirting will make up well in a tailored shirt or a tucked or pleated shirt. Long cuffs with tucked trim? Soft folds at a funnel neckline? All is possible with this wonderful shirting. In stock now in white, ivory and morning glory blue.

Another favorite of mine is the white on white jacquard stripe. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything in stock right now, having just sold out of our previous offerings. But we’re looking for just the right piece and we’ll let you know when we get it.

We do have scrumptious satin batiste right now, which is very popular with our customers. It works well for heirloom sewing, of course, but also is the perfect choice for a delicate blouse or cami.  This is not something you see regularly and the quality is superb!  Everyone oohs and aahs over this one.

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