Tango This Spring

Tango This Spring

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We started a love affair with tangerine last year and this year its taken over the color palette!  Everyone is talking about Pantone’s choice of Tangerine Tango as the color of 2012.  We’ve seen it in our European prints since last fall and some of the newer spring collections have stepped it up to the feature color. A tangy orange is energetic, playful and eye-catching.  It’s not generally the color for corporate board rooms or for court houses except in small doses.  If you work in a creative environment, you can definitely work it into your daytime wardrobe. If not, leave it for date night or weekends.

We introduced these fabrics in the fall and they will carry over beautifully to springtime.

Rayon Tangerine Fabric
Tangerine Fabric Print



Tangerine Print Fabric
Persian Carpet


These prints are bright and bold, combining shades of tangerine with bright pink, another very popular fashion color.







This brand new artful floral can be worn year-round.  Soft cotton/stretch fabric will work for skirts, tops or dresses.  Pull out the tangerine with your accessories or not.

Tangerine Print Fabric
Gaussian Flower











Maybe this bold statement is not right for your mood or your aesthetic, but you want to nod to the trend in some way.  I saw a well-known personality caught on camera this week as she exited a cab.  She was dressed in a stylish, but conservative trench and there at her neck was a tangerine scarf–guess everyone’s got the word by now.  This little punch of color made all the difference in her appearance.  You could do the same by making a very drapey mobius–easy to make infinity scarf–from a solid rayon such as spiced pumpkin.  The shade of orange is a bit more subtle, but tips to the trend and is very chic.

Rayon Fabric
Spiced Pumpkin rayon

You can meet this trend in your own way by choosing shades that flatter you.  Bend it a bit towards brown if you don’t like the bright golden tones, lean it to red for warmth and more intense color.  Strictly a cool palette kind of girl?  You might have to wait a few years to have a compatible “color of the year” but for now, think about using Tangerine in small accents with a neutral or a turquoise that suits your skin tones or choose a print that features your pinks or purples.  Avoid wearing it with black unless you want to call forth the fall spirits!

Comment below to let us know how you choose to wear this color…send us a photo or post a pic on Facebook. We are always interested in creative interpretations of trends and sewists do it best.


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    This is a good post. This is a wonderful graphic display different types of fabric. Orange or turquoise in a neutral accent for your skin color, or choose the print function of your pink or purple. Avoid wearing it with black, unless you want to evoke the autumn spirit!

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