Shiny Fabs

Shiny Fabs

We have so many new fabrics in-house and I want to let you know all the wonderful ones we are getting to admire and investigate. First up, laminated fabrics.  According to all my sources, this is a hot trend in Europe for 2008.  Already, we have some intriguing cotton stretch in soft pewter and light gold with a laminated surface.  Amazingly, the hand is still very soft so the lamination is light and very wearable.

This photo shows the face (shiny) and the reverse(dull) to show you the contrast.  It’s subtle and very appealing.  We envision jackets, but the fabrication would be perfect for jeans for the young or young at heart!

Our understanding of this process is that the laminate is applied to the fabrication and then an enzyme wash softens it for better wearability.  We expect to see a number of incarnations of this trend in the next year.  We’ll keep you posted.

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    will it be comfortable with laminated fabric to wear

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