Euro Chic Closures

Euro Chic Closures

Black Nickel Arco Pin on Key Largo Knit Fabric

Open-front, button-less cardigans and jackets are everywhere these days, and I love the style.  It’s easy to wear, comfortable, and fresh.  Sometimes I like to switch up my look by fastening the garment closed with one of our Italian shawl pins.  Naturally, these are also the perfect accessory for keeping a scarf or shawl around my shoulders.

Closing a cardigan or jacket with a pin has been popular for several years in Europe, and I’m really enjoying the look.  One version of Marcy Tilton’s jacket pattern, Vogue 8693, uses a pin instead of a button.  Those of you who knit may recognize Berroco’s Montparnasse cardigan pattern, which is also shown with a large pin as a closure.

These pins were a big hit when we first offered them late last winter. Made for us by an Italian button maker, we were excited to learn the pins were being manufactured again this season.  (Many buttons and other closures from our Italian suppliers are made only one season, so their availability is limited.)  We’ve added more colors to give you more options for finding closure with a pin.

Not sure what to call these, and wanting to differentiate between them and the stick-type of shawl pin, I chose the term “kilt-style shawl pin”.  The simplest style, Ovale, reminds me of the pins worn on kilt skirts in my school years, only it is much larger.

Antique Bronze Ovale Pin on Burnt Cork Fabric

At nearly four inches long, this makes a bold statement on loosely woven or knitted fabrics.  The dark bronze color gives a casual or rustic look, and is the perfect accent on this plaid novelty fabric.  For a potentially dressier version, try the silver one:

Silver Ovale Pin on Atlantis Fabric

I like to wear mine on my raggedy edge linen vest.

Silver Ovale Pin on Dixie's Navy Linen Vest

Spirale is my favorite in the collection.  The motif is primitive and modern at the same time.  The size is a bit smaller than Arco, making it appropriate for petites.  The bronze color looks great on warm autumn tones, like this loose-knit fabric:

Antique Bronze Spirale Pin on Surat Fabric

Surat sold out just today, but if you have it in your stash, why not make a cardigan and close it with one of these?  For a dressier look, the black nickel one looks beautirul on a black crepe.  Delicious!

Black Nickel Spirale Pin on Black Friday Fabric

The threesome is rounded out by Arco, our customer favorite.  A bit more delicate in size and shape, this lovely pin adds elegance and sophistication to any look.

Silver Arco Pin on Rhodes Fabric
As these photos attest, shawl pins can be used on a multitude of fabric types.  However, one criteria is very important.  The pins are not as thin as a brooch or safety pin, so the fabric must be loosely woven or knit.  If the pins are inserted through average or fine weaves or knits, they will leave holes.  If you’re contemplating using one of these pins on one of our fabrics, we’d be glad to advise you as to how well the pin fits through the fabrication.

Winter is the perfect season to flash some style with one of these chic accessories.  I’ll be adding another one or two to my collection.  How about you?

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