Shape Matters

Shape Matters


Like people, buttons come in all shapes and sizes. We know you pay attention to the size of a button you sew on a garment, but do you ever consider the shape? What’s the best way to use those square, oval and triangular buttons? Or, if you’re using a fabric with squared geometric patterning, what shape button looks best? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Let’s start with our viscose Drawing Room print fabric. Here are two button options, both black, but in different shapes:


The buttons shown are Ovation on the left, and Do-Si-Do on the right. We prefer Do-Si-Do on this fabric, as it echos the geometric motifs in the print. Ovation relates to some small rounded elements in the print, but the big picture is full of angles, so Do-Si-Do is our choice.

Next up we have a rayon batik, Follow the Moon:


Both Eden and Do-Si-Do in royal match the color of the fabric well. But the print has very flowing, rounded motifs. The squared Do-Si-Do buttons simply don’t harmonize with the fabric. The round Eden buttons look much better.

Whitehorse is a fabulous, woven fabrication that uses color in the weave, rather than being printed:


Here we’ve used Elan and Cauldron buttons, both of which match colors in the fabric. But do they harmonize with it? Because of it’s linear texture, we would use the Elan button if we had no other options. But take a look at the others we found:


Terrazza is on the left, and Ventana is on the right. While Terrazza has a round shape, it also has a linear design on it. This helps it harmonize with the fabric better. But our favorite is Ventana, because its squared shape (and sewing holes) echo what’s going on in the fabric design.

So, next time you have a fabric with a swirly print or design, remember to echo that movement with a round button. Likewise, if your fabric has a big, bold geometric design, seek out an angular shaped button that will enhance the fabric. Shape does matter!

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