It’s a Necessary Accessory!

It’s a Necessary Accessory!

Scarf trends come and go, but one thing is certain, if you are not wearing a scarf this season, you’ve missed a fun trend.  Whether they are long, square or shaped, adding that extra color or texture to an outfit is worth the effort.  Wearing a scarf is a wonderful way to use a special fabric that doesn’t work for you as a whole garment, but acts as an enhancer to an existing piece.  Looking for tips on wearing scarves?  Look below for a YouTube’s a fun one to watch.

How much fabric to order?  You can plan a square by using the width or less and matching that measurement in the length.  Remember to subtract for seams for your finished measurement.  If you prefer lengthwise, you can order the length that you wish and use the additional yardage on the width for duplicate scarves or trims, bias binding, etc in other projects.  Alternatively, you can buy twice the width of the scarf (plus seam allowances) and seam the scarf in the middle.  Many fabrics would hide this seaming well.  Finishing the edges comes down to fabric composition, personal preference and the look you are going for in the finished scarf. Lightweight silk edges can be hand-rolled or rolled on a standard machine with an edging foot.  Serged edges would overpower the fabric. Cottons or wools can be fringed or clipped.  Velvets look and feel lovely when lined with rayon or silk.

Classic scarves are generally made of silk.  Prints are particularly stunning and versatile.

Lightweight and airy, this feminine print will be just the right statement on solid purples and pinks or with a bronzed camel tweed for instance.

Silk Print Chiffon
Patrice Silk

Scarves are a wonderful way to display large prints.  The multi-colors in this floral charmeuse will work with a number of solids as accent or main event.

Silk Charmeuse
Honfleur Silk Charmeuse

The dry hand of a crepe is less slippery than some of the habotai or satin silks.  This conversation print is adorable for accent with red, blue or black.

Silk Print
Vino Silk Crepe

More silks for classic scarves. 

Casual Neckwear or Shawls

Sweater Knit
Karyn in Seafoam

Loose knits are great for long casual scarves.  See more options in Knits. 

Reversible Double Cloth
Vice-Versa Double Cloth

Great for fringed edge!  This double cloth with plaid and check in soft cotton will work up well for casual long scarves or large squares with fringed edges.

Elegant Evening Scarves

Embroidered Velvet
Ella embroidered velvet

Nothing more elegant than silk/rayon velvet.  The drape is wonderful and the slight sheen adds drama.  

Panne velvet print with overlay
Bollywood in Orange

You will love this wild panne velvet with gold overlay.  Comes in three colors!  What a great scarf to dress up a solid sheath or to drape with an evening coat. 

See also Twilight Elegance 

Outerwear Scarves

Top of the Hub Chenille

Slightly bulkier fabrics will still work for scarves with coatings.  Line with a pop of color or with a subtle match.

Shawl Pins

Shawl Pins
Spirale in Black Nickel

While you’re thinking about scarves, you should really check out our new blog Finding Closure.  Dixie has written about the shawl pins and shown various ways to wear them.

Now that you’ve chosen your fabric, the sewing is easy.  You can make lots of gifts in one evening for everyone on your list or fill your wardrobe with scarf accessories to wear in sew many ways.

Don’t miss this video…it’s worth the 4 minutes to watch it!

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf


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