What a breath of fresh air to hear sewing as a topic on morning TV! Our industry has received some great press lately and this is wonderful for all of us.  But it’s not the press coverage that is so exciting to me, although as the business owner I won’t turn it down.  The excitement for me is that more and more people are making sewing and garment construction their hobby of choice!  I feel like my personal circle of friends is widening.  Over the years, we’ve heard our customers complain that their choice left them lonely.  They had no one to share their enthusiasm over a new technique, help them problem-solve a fit issue or just enjoy browsing a fabric store.  In recent years, online communities have replaced the neighborhood sewing group and this is wonderful.  Now it seems that the sewing clubs are back and people, both men and women, can enjoy the cameraderie of like-minded souls.

Next post I’ll share with you some of my sewing soulmates and how we support one another.  Feel free to share your experiences too.

Watch the video here.

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