Quality Fabrics in the Market

Quality Fabrics in the Market

I’m not much of a consumer these days, but I hauled myself over to the mall Sunday for a few necessities.  While there I felt compelled (LOL) to do some snoop shopping.  I didn’t waste my time in the department stores, but went right for the high-end women’s clothing purveyors!  I generally enjoy shopping and sometimes making purchases in these stores… not so today!  I’ve never seen so many poor fabrics in one place!  Really I was shocked… I had heard others complaining about the poor quality, but today I focused and saw for myself what consumers of women’s clothing are up against.  In some cases the styling was quite appealing, but the craftsmanship and the fabric was disappointing.  Knits are so thin, nothing like the wonderful viscose knits we see from Italy.  The silks were harsh and lacked the fine hand we are so accustomed to.  Some of the cottons were good quality, but they were few and far between and there was very little linen to be found.

How fortunate we are as sewers that we still have choices for fine quality fabric.  I hear rumblings from suppliers that this will dry up, but so far we are still able to get the truly fine fabrics from Europe and elsewhere around the globe.  We are snapping up all we can find!

Take a look at this stunning beauty from Italy!  Wool/silk blend–divine!

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