Play it Again!

Play it Again!

Two different fabrications, same great print!  Did you notice?  Above you’ll see Archetype, which is a nice cotton satin printed in olive and gold on beige ground. The alternating image is Bosk, a cotton jacquard in beach tan sand overprinted with cinnamon and black. We see this occasionally as we browse through samples from different manufacturers and designers.  Sometimes the free lance textile designer sells a print to two or more different buyers; other times a designer with rights to the print produces the same print in different incarnations.  Of course, there is also the possibility of unscrupulous dealers who “steal” or re-use designs without authorization.  In this case, the fabrics came from the same source so they evidently felt the print would work in two different presentations.  We think it does!

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  1. Lainie


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    The book is about Mary’s process as a creative dressmaker, how she came to her art, different techniques, and it includes a pattern. check it out!

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