Winter Light

Winter Light


Winter Pastels

Who said winter fashion has to be dark and drab?  Wearing pale colors in the dead of winter is a great fashion trend this year. Did you see the Golden Globes?  Lots of blush tones and soft pastels.

It’s time to dispell the old notions about pale colors.

  • Pastels are only for babies
  • Pastels are only for spring
  • Pastels are strictly feminine

And ring in the new…

Pastels work year round like this wonderful rayon ponte knit in an icy shade of raspberry.

Double Knit
Pink Raspberry Ice

Pastels work on women or men

Cotton Stripe Shirting
Warwick Shirting - Coming Soon

Pastels work in frothy feminine ruffles as well as tailored tops and dresses.  The print design on this silk is angular and the crinkle linear while being rendered in mostly soft pastel tones.  Great for soft ruffled blouse or drapey camisoles.

Silk Crinkle
Antoinette Silk Crinkle Print

Cotton twill is sturdy for jackets with crisp lines in a very soft coloration.

Cotton Twill
Lavender Twill

Pastels work well in tone-on-tone combos like this threesome in fresh celery.

Jersey Knit
Celery Trio

Pastels also combine well with dark colors for high contrast.

Jersey Knit
Eugenie Viscose Knit

Mix with darks or lights…  buy and sew now… wear three seasons. What’s not to love?








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