Paisley Trend

Paisley Trend

 Paisley is back and in full swing this fall.  You can find this design in cotton prints, knits, jacquards and embellished fabrications.  Read more about the history of this traditional design in Barb’s Blog.

Through the years artists from all genres have been fascinated with the paisley and have embellished it in a myriad of different ways.  The designs were originally much more naturalistic but has evolved in many directions to include stylized florals as well as ornamental motifs mixed in with the paisley shapes.  Today paisley prints come in a wide variety of design…some harkening back to the 60’s revival, others more traditional and still others mixing paisley with geometrics or abstract designs.  Find your paisley and wear it this fall!


Paisley Trend
Photo Credit: Dan Lecca; Getty Images

For an all-over look, try one of these

Cotton Paisley Print Fabric
Persian Carpet
Silk Charmeuse Paisley Print
Cirque de Couleur

If you want to nod to the trend, but don’t do the all-over look, try color blocking with a solid.









Paisley Party and Brassy Orange and Hunter Fine Cord

These mix knits and wovens, but with the right pattern, it can work.








Paisley Party and Knit Pick Purple

Want a touch of paisley?  Cut a Paisley out and appliqué (satin stitch or straight stitch and fray) on to your favorite casual denim or fleece.

Paisley Cotton Shirting

In addition to prints, we see a likeness of the paisley shape in jacquards and brocades.








Atrium from the Back Room Collection

One of the more fun ways that paisley is used in today’s designs is in a melange of other motifs.  To me its a great nod to the design without being traditional.  Our recent Back Room fabric, Dawali, does just that.

Flocked Cotton Stretch

When you choose your look, send us a photo for our gallery.

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