Artful Ombre

Artful Ombre

Tricolor Crepes, dyed fabricDipped dyed fabric is a real eye-catcher in any fabrication.  The color gradient, generally moving from dark to light, softens the look of a solid, but does not have the complexity of a print or texture.

Our resident designer, Evelyn Bash, helped us with some ideas to bring out the designer in you.

  • A full skirt gathered to a waistband will allow the color flow to cascade in gentle stripes.
  • Railroading the fabric so the crosswise becomes the lengthwise will display the full ombre effect if you choose a long skirt or dress.  Using the fabric on the bias results in a delicious color flow on an angle.
  • We think layered skirts or layered ruffles will maximize the allure of the ombre color flow.

According to Evelyn, “the key is finding garments that have layers and pieces that overlap each other.”

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