New Shawl Pins

New Shawl Pins

Fall has firmly settled in and our thoughts have turned to cozy garments to ward off the chill. We continue to see shawl pins as closures for cardigans, in addition to their more traditional use on wraps and scarves.

Last week, our good customer and friend Lois requested our help in selecting a shawl pin for the cardigan she recently knit. It has no buttons and she was looking for something to keep it closed.

Wanting the pin to enhance the sweater rather than compete with its stitch details, we recommended Ovale in bronze.

The colors worked great together and the pin gave this beautiful cardigan the perfect finishing touch.

We’re continuing to add to our shawl pin collection, and have recent acquired two new styles.


The unique shape and affordability of this “pin” really spoke to us. Rather than inserting a stick-pin through it, the spiral is inserted through the fabric layers to hold them together.

How cool is that?! There are many ways to play with the placement of this pin. For example, more than one part of it could be woven through the fabric at once. Imagine the many ways Espiral can be used in your wardrobe!

At the dressier end of the spectrum lies Starlet.


Perfect for those who love sparkle, this rhinestone adorned pin will shine, shine, shine! We love it on this mohair blend sweater knit, Calgary.

Starlet on Calgary Mohair Blend Sweater Knit

Since sparkles aren’t just for night, we’re sure those of you who love glitz will love wearing this pin day in and day out. It’s also perfect for those who love to dress vintage!

Check out our entire shawl pin collection here, and prepare for the cold weather ahead!

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