Nancy Nix-Rice 12 Pieces

Nancy Nix-Rice 12 Pieces

Fabric Collage

Guest blogger, Nancy Nix-Rice,  offers us  Part Two of her Prints blog.   If you have not previously read Nancy’s first post or you want to review it before moving on, you can find it here






 After our discussion of print selection last spring,  I spotted this beauty for my client Christina.

Firepit Jersey Knit
Firepit Jersey Knit

Its rich, warm tones are ideal for her coloring, it features a deep brown close to her hair color and includes 3 other colors – warm red, camel and plum – to repeat as solid pieces in our 12-piece wardrobe plan.

carolyn right

We’ll start the grouping with a Core Four – two tops and two bottoms – in the Dark Roast Metropolitan ponte.  For variety we’ll do one pant (M6901) and one skirt (M6757).  The tops will be an under-layer tank top (I’m copying a ready-made from her wardrobe) and an over-layer unlined jacket (M6655).


Our second fabric is Mixers in Golden Camel; we’ll make a no-pattern pull-on skirt and ruched crossover top (M6513).


The warm red ponte is Cinnabar Ponte. It will be a slim skirt (M5523- View A) and zip-front jacket (M6441).


And the plum knit, Autumn Tee,  will be a cascade cardigan (M6084) and matching shell (M6963).


Finally the inspiration print will be another narrow skirt (no pattern) and matching top (M6282).  Although it isn’t part of the official 12-piece grouping, we’ll use the extra print yardage to whip up a quick infinity scarf.


Notice that we’re incorporating the wardrobe-extending trick of sewing pairs.  The matching top-and-bottom combos in red and camel  create elongating, slenderizing color columns, inviting the other pieces in the grouping to layer over (the camel) or under (the red jacket) without interrupting the vertical flow.  The two brown bottoms multiply the mix/match options in a different way.  Every combination Christina builds with the brown pants can be duplicated with the brown skirt. And the twin tops – brown and plum – can be worn with the various bottoms as sets.  Or Christina can separate the sets and wear the shells under other layers or the cardigans over other tops.

Our planning isn’t  complete without the accessories.  Christina’s most basic shoe and handbag color is her hair color – dark brown.  Since every fabric in the wardrobe was chosen to harmonize with her coloring – of which her hair is obviously an integral part – it is just logical that accessories in her hair color will blend beautifully with all the fabric colors, no?  We chose a mid-heel pump for dressier looks and a short boot for sportier stylings.  Since our pant patterns both feature narrow legs, which have to end at the ankle, they can also be worn with flat shoes if she prefers. A leopard print ballet flat would be on trend for the season and classic enough to live for years I her wardrobe.


Shoes and purse examples found at Zappos.


Additional scarves will finish the looks when we mix the solid colors.  The animal print pulls together any combination of the brown and camel pieces.  The red reptile print connects the red, camel and brown.  And the infinity scarf we’re sewing from the print can link any combination in the whole collection.

Jewelry is also part of the game plan.  A statement necklace and earrings will anchor attention up near Christina’s face and away from any figure challenge areas (not that she has any).  Both our red necklace and earrings and the plum set include antiqued brass beads that connect to the brown and camel fabrics.  And the long multi-chain piece includes both gold and brass strands in a variety of weights.


Accessories-1 accessories-3 accessories-2

With our plan solidly in place … let the sewing begin!





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  1. Carrie R. Lape


    Your thoughts on how to build a wardrobe are very helpful. Do you have any photos to share of the finished items? I’m very interested in the ponte skirts. I’m trying to learn what I can do with that fabric type.

    • Sawyer Brook Fabrics


      Nancy has not provided us with photos of the finished garments. Ponte knits make up well in straight skirts or skirts with some detail at the hemline. You would want to avoid fullness with this stable double knit. It will also work well in a straight or A dress, separates or comfortable pants. Hope this helps.

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